Personalized Razors, Made Possible by 3-D Printing

Gillette is bringing personalization to the razor industry. Powered by 3-D printers, Gillette and printing company Formlabs have created Razor Maker – a website where you can customize and purchase a razor of your own design.

Gillette’s new Razor Maker™ handles can be printed in seven colors, including black, white, red, blue, green, grey and chrome. (Photo: Business Wire)

The base razors to choose from include 45 intricate designs that are named after their textures, inspired by nature (e.g. Redwood, Coral, Agave). People can customize the color, number of blades, and grip. There’s even an option to add 12 characters of text.

The razors go for $19-$45, with the option to add additional blade cartridges for an extra $15. While the Razor Maker site isn’t currently linked to Gillette’s subscription service Gillette On Demand, it does ask people whether or not they are interested in learning more about the service right before they check out.

Why It’s Hot

With Dollar Shave Club adding new products like shampoo and deodorant to their subscription boxes, and Harry’s Razors launching Flamingo, a new brand of razors and wax strips for women, it’s interesting to see that Gillette is turning to personalization and 3-D printing to stand out from the competition.

More importantly, this is one of the first times a major brand is offering mass customization with 3-D printing. There are endless possibilities that P&G can explore with their other brands, so they may be using Razor Maker as a trial run of the technology with plans to expand in the future.



Chocolate 3D Printer – YUM

The tastiest new technology at CES 2015 award most likely goes to CocoJet,  Hershey’s chocolate 3-D printing machine.

CocoJet, prints rows of chocolate that add up to a yummy medley of interlocking geometric puzzle shapes. You can also invent your own shapes using the accompanying software and voila, your customized chocolate will be ready in about 15 minutes. The machine that is intended for bakers and chocolatiers is available in smooth dark, milk or white chocolate. designed for bakers and chocolatiers.

3D Systems and Hershey’s have not announced what the price of the printer will be or when it will go on sale.

Why It’s Hot

It is hot because it is sweet and it is chocolate. Additionally, 3-D printing is expanding to tasty treats and appealing more the average consumer. Lastly, the new technology focuses on personalization, an undeniable trend in the consumer world.

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Das 3D Auto

The Germans Have Figured Out How to 3-D Print Cars

If German engineers have their way 3-D printing is going to reshape how cars are made. EDAG, a German engineering company, has created the “Genesis,” a vehicle frame made from a range of materials and inspired by a turtle’s skeleton. It was developed entirely through the 3-D printing process. EDAG’s robot printer built the Genesis using a thermoplastic model but says they could use carbon fiber to make the structure stronger and lighter.

EDAG showed off the Genesis design concept at the Geneva Motor Show to demonstrate that 3-D printing can make full-size car components.

Why It’s Hot

EDAG’s design is unique because it shows that 3-D printing can produce a structure at a massively large scale. Rather than printing out tiny parts and them assembling them together to create the whole, Genesis shows that future cars could be produced through fewer steps and pieces by printing and assembling large, exceptionally strong unibody parts.

Genesis is “the opening salvo in an arms race for creating large objects with a single process.”