TAG Takes Aim at Fraudsters

In an effort to thwart ad fraud, the marketing industry’s Trustworthy Accountability Group wants everyone in the digital advertising landscape to get tagged.¬†Its new system, dubbed “Verified by Tag,” includes two core, interlocking elements: a payment ID system and a registry of TAG-approved advertisers and publishers.

The payment ID system is expected to deploy by the end of the year. The goal is to create a record of who gets paid for every impression and thereby prevent criminals from receiving ad dollars by selling fake impressions on sites they list in ad exchanges.

Companies that apply to join the TAG registry will have to go through a background check and review process. Once approved, each will receive a unique ID that will identify its ads to trading partners in the supply chain. Those identifiers can also be matched with the forthcoming payment ID system to verify that payments aren’t going to criminals.

Programmatic powerhouses including AOL, Google, AppNexus and Index Exchange have pledged isupport for these dual initiatives.

Why It’s Hot

Advertisers are spending billions of dollars each year towards fraudulent impressions that are never seen by real humans and TAG’s program is moving the industry one step closer to greatly reducing or eliminating the ad fraud issue.