Sleep Number SleepIQ Kids Bed: This Smart Bed Does More Than Keep Monsters Away


Sleep Number, a sleep innovation leader, introduced the SleepIQ Kids bed at the CES last week. “A smart bed for smart kids.” The SleepIQ technology monitors the child’s sleep patterns, assigning a “SleepIQ” score based on the average breathing, heart rate and movement in bed. There is nothing to wear or turn on. All kids have to do is sleep. The sleep knowledge provided can guide parents and children to achieve their best possible sleep.

Why It’s Hot

Based on a national survey conducted by the company, most parents have difficulty ensuring that their kids get sufficient quality sleep at night. Almost 80% say sleep impacts their child’s performance in school, and 68% say it affects their child’s extracurricular activities. Parents and children can view the sleep dashboard to see how well they slept and how their sleep was impacted by daily activities such as sports, studies, exercise, stress and late night snacks. They learn what to do to achieve better sleep each night.

The bed adjusts and grows with kids. They can adjust the firmness of their bed for comfort and support. It can also alert parents when their child is out of bed or restless. It also features under-bed lights that activate when the child gets up during the night.

The SleepIQ technology utilizes a full-body algorithm to assess each individual’s quality of sleep and provides a SleepIQ score each night. Users can view the personalized data via a smart phone, tablet, desktop or SleepNumber remote.

Bedtime is a nightly ritual for parents and their children. Parents want it to be a pleasant experience and sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way. The SleepIQ bed could turn bedtime into quality time. Learning how to achieve a better, more comfortable sleep would not only make more parents happy, but they would be able to sleep more soundly at night too.

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