Sesame Street App Helps Kids Deal with Disaster

The PSEG foundation has teamed up with Sesame Workshop to launch an emergency preparedness initiative featuring two mobile apps, “Let’s Get Ready” and “Here For Each Other,” aimed at making children comfortable and knowledgeable in what could be frightening situations even for us adults.

PSEG Sesame app

The Let’s Get Ready app teaches kids what they need to know in case of an emergency, from packing an emergency kit with essentials, to their parents’ names and their home address. Here For Each Other is more parent-focused, offering tips and tools for discussing emergency preparedness with children.

Read more via NBC News.

Why It’s Hot: With so many natural disasters and man-made tragedies in the past few years, between the rebuilding and recovery, there are often discussions about how to talk to one’s children about emergencies to make sure they know what to do, just in case.

I’m not yet a parent myself, but I imagine that emergency preparedness is a scary subject to bring up to your little ones. While perhaps parents and relatives should be able to talk to their children about such things, kids would probably be much more attentive to a game-like approach than to a serious conversation with an adult.

As we have discussed previously, and as we see from the world around us, children love playing on smartphones and devices just like we do. In addition to fun and/or educational games, it might be effective to communicate more serious topics, like what to do in case of an emergency, via something kids can relate to – a fun, kid-friendly app.

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