Sephora adds new component to tech app

The latest upgrade to the Sephora app-based digital makeover experience has arrived.

The well known beauty retailing has expanded the functionality of its Sephora Virtual Artist, an augmented reality-based feature on its mobile app that enables shoppers to digitally try on make-up. The app’s new Cheek Try On service allows users to virtually try on over 1,000 shades of cheek color, including blush, bronzer, contour, and highlighter shades available in single colors and palettes.

As users choose their favorite shades, a list of the top matching colors available from Sephora is quickly returned to the user. Matches can be immediately tried on in Virtual Artist then purchased in app.

The Sephora Virtual Artist also enables users to virtually try on an assortment of lip colors and false eye lash styles. The tool integrated the ability to try on thousands of shades of eyeshadows earlier this spring.


Why it’s hot:
As the beauty retail industry continues to sore and increased competition from main competitor, Ulta strengthens, the approach to converting your audience without even having them enter a store will only increase brand loyalty. I know from experience, that it is hard to visualize what you will look like with different makeup products on, and by adding this new feature to the Sephora app will help bring the already existing eye shadow and lip color functionality full circle. I may have to download this app!