See the world in real-time, from your couch

Live streaming app, Periscope, has added mapping functionality to its app, allowing you to dip in and out of other peoples’ live streams around the world. Watch people chat in front of the Eiffel Tower for a moment, then switch to watching people prepare breakfast at a restaurant in Sao Paolo and then on to the clubs in Tokyo. TV may have initially brought the world into your living room, in the form of scripted television or journalistic reporting, but Periscope brings the world into your living room, as experienced by real people at this very moment in time. Magic!

6-5-2015 10-06-30 AM

Why It’s Hot:¬†Technology breaks down walls between strangers and allows us to dive right into the worlds of our target audiences, without introduction, planning or special permission required! While in its infancy, this type of sharing could evolve and drive the next iteration of “social listening”, allowing us to see, hear and feel our target audiences’ relevant experiences.