Scrabble Tells a Delightful Love Story Entirely in Anagrams

When it comes to telling a brand story through anagrams, Lola Madrid’s new Scrabble spot tops them all.

The ad presents the stories of Agostina and Santiago. Though they’ve never met, anagrams link almost every aspect of their lives. She’s a “cab driver,” he’s a “crab diver.” She frets about being “forever alone,” while his life seems as dull as “a veneer floor.”

“The idea of using anagrams was a way to salute the intelligence of avid Scrabble players, but by using a love story, the spot became universal,” Lola executive creative director Pancho Cassis tells Adweek. “This communication was aimed at opening up to a broader audience, specifically younger players and non-players who spend a lot of time online but are seeking out offline experiences.”

Millennial word nerds will surely enjoy the ride and share the ad with friends.

Source: AdWeek

Why It’s Hot

We always talk about how to tell stories, even for the most emotion-less products. This clever approach is both cute and lovey, and spot on for the target audience. I find it inspiring!