S7 Airlines – A World of Pure Imagination

In an online film for S7 Airlines, twenty kids are asked the question “Let’s say you can go to any place you can imagine. What would this world look like?” Their answers range from “real-life mermaids” to ‘a secret world where people live underground’. The film ends with the reveal that these imaginary locations are reminiscent of real destinations that the airline flies to across the globe.

Why It’s Hot:

Tapping into people’s imagination through children and the proving out that those places exist is incredibly inspiring. As adults, we often write off what could be and settle for the logical, what is. By using children as the focal point, older audiences are able to imagine themselves as kids and remove the default way of thinking from their mind set. This makes the older viewer much more vulnerable in letting their mind wander into areas that are usually off limits. It’s also really well executed, so there’s that.

Creative Directors, Szymon Rose and Daniel Schaefer, said: ‘[It’s] easy to forget how incredible and mind-blowing our world is… The goal of the campaign was to encourage Russian travellers to dream big and remind them that there’s a whole world out there. By utilising the limitless imaginations of children we are able to take people on a journey to see our planet in a whole new way.’

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