“Repicturing Homeless” from Getty Images

Getty Images created a project to help demystify the negative perception that many people have towards homeless people.

The name of the project is “Repicturing Homeless” and it was made in partnership with  FiftyFifty, a magazine that is sold by homeless people in…

The idea is simple. They made photoshoots with homeless people, putting them in the most searched scenarios like a business person or creative executive. The money they make with this pictures is going straight to the fifty-fifty magazine that supports the local homeless.

To drive attention to the project the pictures are in their gallery, mixed with their portfolio, but they a label that explains the project. They aim to make people look to people who live on streets differently, not with pity, but with humanity.

Why it’s hot:
Using your business to do good is always hot.

Source: Ads of the world