Pro Gamers Will Now Take Your Burger King Order While You Play Video Games

Burger King has partnered with Sony PlayStation in an effort to appeal to online gamers during “high endurance multiplayer sessions.” To do this, Burger King has employed a group of world-class pro gamers, dubbed the “Burger Clan,” and given them a duel mission – to help gamers win games and to keep them fed.

Starting on April 28, the Burger Clan will basically sneak into players’ PS4 games online to offer them help completing missions and to take their Burger King delivery orders.

As of now, this promotion is only available in Spain, where Burger King has already rolled out home delivery.

Bianca Shen, marketing director for Burger King Spain, said: “Burger Clan is a creative disruption in both the home delivery and gaming worlds and it strikes a great balance between useful and fun.”

Why it’s hot:

  • A lot of brands are changing the way they approach mobile ordering and delivery (Domino’s, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, etc.). However, these new mobile ordering methods still require users to actively open an app, type an order or emoji, etc. Burger King is taking online ordering and delivery to a new level by anticipating a need and offering a solution with no effort on the part of the customer.
  • The use of pro-gamers as “spokespeople” helps to make Burger King’s push feel less self-serving – the gamers are actually helping players accomplish unrelated goals.