Prepare to be a dog parent with Lola the AI mutt

AI isn’t just for setting reminders and asking general questions like with Alexa. We’re starting to see talking bots that specialize and focus on narrower tasks.

Not sure if you’re ready to have a dog? Get Lola on Google Home and see if you’re up for the task.

The whole point of Lola is to make people aware of what it’s really like to be a dog owner — random non-stop barking and all — before they take on the full responsibility. The bot will even throw in a joke every once in a while to keep you entertained.

The bot is not about selling stuff, it’s about training adults and kids before they adopt a dog. Lola will tell users it is going to run around in circles and chase a butterfly while they try to go for a run, and details other weird things dogs do on the regular.

Why It’s Hot: 
  • This bot shows us that bots can/will become more task-specific in the way apps have become more tailored to individual needs.

Bonus: Watch this video of a goldfish controlling a hammer.

OR this orchestra covering Daft Punk