Podcast analytics just got RAD

Today, NPR announced RAD, a new, open-sourced podcast analytics technology that was developed in partnership with nearly 30 companies from the podcasting industry. The technology aims to help publishers collect more comprehensive and standardized listening metrics from across platforms.

Specifically, the technology gives publishers — and therefore their advertisers, as well — access to a wide range of listener metrics, including downloads, starts and stops, completed ad or credit listens, partial ad or credit listens, ad or credit skips and content quartiles.

However, the technology stops short of offering detailed user profiles, and cannot be used to re-target or track listeners, the site notes. It’s still anonymized, aggregated statistics.

It’s worth pointing out that RAD is not the first time podcasters have been able to track engagement. Major platforms, including Apple Podcast Anlytics., today offer granular and anonymized data, including listens.

Why It’s Hot: 

This isn’t your average tracking platform. It’s open-source and connects anonymized data that cannot be used to track and re-target listeners, while providing a tracking mechanism everyone can use. RAD helps creators and advertisers know which part listeners actually hear to improve the listener experience.


Podcast industry aims to better track listeners through new analytics tech called RAD