Parenting Hero, an illustrated app for talking to your kids

Parenting Hero is an iOS app that presents new parents with role-playing scenarios that guide the user through responses to common parenting challenges. The idea is that parents often forget the advice of parenting books in the moment, especially when their child is headed towards a tantrum. The app is illustrated with 1,500 hand-drawn panels illustrated by Katarzyna Struczynska.

The designers observed that parents have so little time nowardays, and it might be better for them to retain information in an interactive app than reading through dozens of parenting books. The designers believe there are two main benefits of getting the app over the book the app is based on: 1) parents can familiarize themselves with parenting advice quickly; 2) it serves as a quick reminder about the book’s tenets when faced with conflict. Parents can even print out cards with tips when they complete a scenario in the app. The team hopes to incorporate feedback from parents who use the app to craft new scenarios in upcoming versions.