Open Data for All!

Open mHealth is non-profit startup building open software architecture to break down the barriers in mobile health to integration among mHealth solutions and unlock the potential for mHealth.

What makes Open mHealth unique is the fact that all available health apps can be “mixed and matched” with open APIs, as well as open proprietary software modules, to create more impactful and useable experiences for patients.

One such example is in the Type I Diabetes project. Normally, there are apps to keep track of blood sugar levels (e.g. Glooko Logbook) or apps to show sugar content in food products (e.g. Fooducate). Instead, Open mHealth is allowing for various partnerships and open data streaming betweens apps to connect into one overall experience for the user. Example apps are Body Media for tracking fitness, RunKeeper for tracking your runs and MyGlucoHealth meters. Every app streams data into a data visualization dashboard that is viewable by both your doctor and yourself via your mobile device.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 9.16.00 AM


Anybody in the healthcare space can take advantage of this technology. Relevant to us, we can advise our clients to utilize the patient-centric approach. Kaiser Permanente is already partnering with Open mHealth to create a Type II Diabetes experience.

Also – if we’re constantly touting the fact that we’re truly CUSTOMER FIRST, then these apps should be the way through, in terms of health management.

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