Nymi- Is this biometric wristband the ultimate in security?

Bionym, the company that makes the Nymi wristband, markets it as a simple-to-use log-on device. Basically, it provides a biometric alternative to a password, using Bluetooth wireless signals to send your heartbeat signature to all sorts of computing systems where you need security, including your PC, your iPad, even your car.

Because your electrocardiogram, or ECG, readings are both hard to spoof and unique, Bionym thinks these little plastic wristbands will open up a whole new era of fun, password-free living — as you can see in this fantasy demo video:

Why it’s HOT:

FOUR of the hottest trends in technology are combined here. Wearable electronics, biometrics, security and the seamless integration between humans and their environment are all integrated into this nifty little gadget. What started off as a security device that would use your heartbeat as a unique ID, it quickly grew into an application for everyday life. What’s most interesting to me is that you can store your virtual wallets on it. Recently they made an offer to include a free integrated bitcoin wallet (see Rob’s article) for all of those that buy it. In case you were wondering, Nymi measures heart-wave characteristics that are constant, Bionym says, so the device will work whether you’re nervous or sleepy or you’ve just finished exercising.The cost to pre-order this product is only $79 but its not going into production until the Spring of 2014.



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