Nike Packages Ultra-Flexible Sneakers in a Tiny Shoebox 1/3 of the Regular Size

Here’s a lovely little packaging idea from Nike, and we do mean little.

The Nike Free 5.0 is one of the most flexible sneakers ever made. And that’s clear right from looking at the box, which was designed to be one-third the size of a regular shoebox.

As you can see from the video below, the sneakers easily fold up and fit inside. It’s a cool idea for a few reasons—it uses less cardboard, it cuts down on shipping space, and of course, it communicates a product benefit right in the packaging. A great example of thinking outside the box—about the box.

Unfortunately, it was only promotional packaging for the launch, and wasn’t used on a mass scale. Still, it earned Publicis Impetu a silver Lion in Design at Cannes last month.


Why It’s Hot: Everyone’s always trying to find new ways to be the “Go Green” company with less plastic on water bottles to now folded sneakers in smaller cardboard boxes. Plus it’s less room in the closet for those people who keep shoe boxes! The flexibility of folding the shoe for a smaller box doesn’t only apply to using less cardboard. Those who wear the new Nike sneakers can feel the flexibility in the shoe when they wear it, making for a lighter, comfier fit.

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