New York Times’ Brutally Honest “Internal Innovation” Self-Assessment, Leaked

According to Joshua Benton at Nieman Lab, the leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key documents of this media age. This full report that took 6 full months for the newsroom innovation team to write is…RAW.

The report is a thorough, honest and revealing self-examination of the culture at NYT and barriers to more effectively expanding reach and engaging readers by embracing digital channels. There are dozens of cases of the NYT criticizing its own progress in specific areas and then citing major competitors as best-in-class, making themselves extremely vulnerable, and making for a very interesting read!

It’s an astonishing look inside the cultural change that is still needed in the shift to digital, even in one of the world’s greatest newsrooms. Read it!

NYT story_5.22

As bad as this report makes parts of the Times’ culture seem, there are two significant reasons for optimism:

First, so much of the digital work of The New York Times is so damned good, despite all the roadblocks detailed here. Take those barriers away and just think what they could do!

Second, the project lead is the publisher’s son and heir-apparent. His involvement in shows that he understands the issues facing the institution, which speaks well for the Times’ future.

Why it’s Hot:

The extensive list of areas to be tackled, and the ideas and examples as to how to do this effectively, make for an incredible “how to” that would help any “publisher” (professional, amateur, side-job…e.g., CPG marketers who publish recipes) to more fully capitalize on their content, leveraging digital platforms to connect with prospects. Again, READ IT!

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