New Report: Only 2% of Brands Get Social Right


Lithium Technologies released a comprehensive study analyzing brand social behaviors. They found despite opinion from brand leads that they are navigating well through digital transformation, a very slim percentage are actually truly engaging correctly with customers.  Focus is on pushing brands messages and personalizing mainly through social advertising, not real conversation.

“According to a Nielsen study, 93% of business leaders say their company is adapting well to digital transformation, but the authors of this report feel otherwise. Though three-fourths of online Americans in 2016 expect a response to their query within the same day, and in 2014, only two-thirds expected that. Only 2% of brands consistently respond to customers’ posts according to the study. In addition:

  • 95% of brands are stuck in “broadcast” mode – not engaging customers on social channels
  • Less than 40% of brands ever ask questions of their followers (39%) or engage with follower content (35%)”

The study argues brands must approach their work from a “lifestyle” perspective and integrate completely in conversation, something Lithium calls Total Community.