Mapping Maslow behavioral pyramid to Social Media…is it valid?

Maslow was a master of human behavior. His Hierarchy of Needs pyramid is famous and still used to describe how we humans need to satisfy different needs before we can move up the pyramid to the true epiphany of Self-actualization. In most basic terms, until we feel secure about where we live and where we get our food, we cannot move on to be more self-aware…just follow the pyramid upwards.

Why is it hot? It is not far off that Big Data, once we master it, will put behaviors/needs/attitudes infused into our marketing to a degree we have never seen. A lot of this data will be gleaned from Social Media. This chart maps how different Social Media fit into the different stages of human need. When you view the behavioral stages and needs to the platforms, you start to wonder: is this true? And if so, how can we understand how best to understand and utilize these Social Media platforms against marketing objectives and the implied need the platform satisfies.

Maslow and Social Media

Maslow and Social Media














When it comes to marketing and trying to tap into different Segments and behaviors, we often forget the academic world has done some heavy-lifting in the field of motivating behaviors — though usually for psychological health. This aligns the academic with the practical. I ask: do you agree with their assumptions?

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