Make Whatever You Eat Work Better For You – And Others!

Enter: Foodtweeks™

Foodtweeks™ is a new app that shows you easy ways to trim calories from your regular foods. Every calorie you trim becomes a nutritious calorie for a hungry family.

The app is designed to help people who want to control their calories intake, right when they are eating out, shopping at the grocery store, or cooking at home. Users simply type in what they are about to eat and the foodtweeks™ app shows them simple ways to trim a handful of calories that they won’t miss. In return, users nourish hungry families, every time they trim calories from their daily diet.

Foodtweeks™ has two missions: to help people eat better in a sustainable way, and to help end hunger in America. Users remove calories. The company give them away to local food banks!

Learn more and download the app here


Why this is hot?

Beyond the fact that you are doing something good for others, by doing something even better for you; this idea has the potential to become a movement that ends influencing the industry. Just imagine if fast-casual customers adopt this behavior regularly, will restaurant chains implement their own programs and encourage customers to order their burgers without cheese to donate those calories? Just imagine…

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