Lyft Cares for the Commuter

“When New York City’s L train shuts down for maintenance for 15 months from April 2019, an estimated 275,000 daily subway riders will need alternative means of transportation.”

To show solidarity with those affected, Lyft is dropping the letter L from its logo and marketing materials as part of an OOH campaign called Something’s Missing.

Lyft has also created a website, yftpan, offering commuters advice and outlining the brand’s efforts to alleviate the inconvenience.


Why It’s Hot

Lyft’s campaign is an example of a business stepping in to fill a void left by a government or municipal institution in a non-partisan manner. The looming L train closure and resulting disruption will negatively impact thousands of New Yorkers. But this creates an opportunity for Lyft to demonstrate that it is a force for good amid the chaos.