Lyft and United Way partner to provide free rides

Lyft has been making moves in the corporate benevolence arena lately, starting with their Lyft Relief Rides program which provides free rides after natural disasters and other crises. They announced in May that they’re expanding the program and committing $1.5 million to it over the next year. And they’ve now provided more details on how they’re expanding the program: they are partnering with United Way to provide free rides to appointments for passengers in need – not just for medical visits, but also other vital appointments like job interviews and veterans services.

United Way is integrating Lyft into their 2-1-1 referral helpline in twelve cities across America, including Austin, Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. 2-1-1 is a free, confidential referral and information helpline that allows people in need to connect with essential services via phone, text, and the internet. Per the United Way U.S. President Mary Sellers, last year the 2-1-1 network received over 250,000 transportation requests, and they could not meet 20% of the requests due to resource issues. The Lyft partnership will enable United Way to meet more community needs than previously allowed.

Why It’s Hot: It’s unclear what the corporate/profit motivation is behind this – maybe it’s truly just an act of generosity by Lyft? Either way, this is a great example of a company thoughtfully and appropriately helping to meet a need through offering their unique resources.

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