Life, liberty and the pruisuit of sassiness

We’ll Wendy’s held their National Roast Day on Twitter yesterday and it was magic. They are a brand that knows their audience and they got a lot of people involved as well as some verified friends. The engagements they hot on each post to just random people is insane, some north of 30k likes.

Why its hot?

  • Wendy’s hasn’t messed up even though they’re trying to hit below the belt with their fans
  • Their posts are calculated, they know the risk but it seems like they do a good job getting rid of the tweets that are a little too risky
  • They’re getting other Verified accounts involved and it makes me wonder, are they reaching out to brand spreading the word? Or is it voluntary…

And if you’re wondering, no, i did not ask to be roasted but its something I’ll regret until next year.