Instagram Becomes Roadmap for Latest Mazda Campaign

Consumers and brands alike, most use Instagram to post individual photos that come together to provide a “photo-filtered scrapbook of daily life.” Recently, Mazda (Canada) used Instagram’s grid view to create a virtual road trip that lasted four months. Along with illustrated digital twists and turns on roadways, there were event promos, videos, and more featured within the brand’s Instagram posts.

The campaign increased Mazda Canada’s Instagram follower count by 300%, and¬†created buzz by giving away a free car to a follower at the end of the campaign.

Read more at Fast Company.

Why It’s Hot | Though it is not a remarkable innovation or revolutionary application, Mazda Canada’s recent Instagram campaign is still thought-provoking because it uses social media in a new way to further interest and engagement. Facebook tabs enabled the building of in-page games and apps to engage users, while tumblr features complete customizability and a massive community for brands to utilize. Rather than sticking to the normal use of Instagram in posting flashy and stimulating photos, Mazda found a way to gamify the platform and drive up engagement by posting photos that, when brought together, told a story and took visitors on a virtual journey.¬†Similar to how some say Vine’s videos are the new :30 commercial spot, this gamification and interaction could be a new way to use Instagram for marketing and further engage consumers.

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