Insidious 3 Uses Kik

If you haven’t seen the new trailer for the movie Insidious 3, it’s about a girl stuck in bed (due to an injury) and is eager for contact with the outside world.

With the use of the app Kik, fans can talk to a bot version of the movie’s main character, Quinn Brenner.

Insidious is targeting Kik users with Promotes Chats¬†which let them opt in to receiving the movie’s marketing messages. Users are then asked if they want to text with Quinn, who is recovering from an accident that left her with two broken legs.

The story and experience were built by a marketing technology startup called Massively, which hopes to bring any number of fictional characters to life through text messaging.

Insidious represents the first time that Kik is trying out this kind of technology. The user gets to text Quinn in a conversation that starts off normal but becomes increasingly intense, and the messaging takes place over about two days, with her reaching out several times. Each time, her situation appears more dire, as she’s dealing with an apparent haunting.

Interested in chatting with Quinn yourself? Check it out:


Why It’s Hot: This is only the beginning of this new trend where users will be able to talk to their favorite character from their favorite movie or show. Brands may even begin to use this on a variety of platforms. It will be interesting to see who picks up on this.

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