Inside Whole Foods’ Store of the Future Tackles sustainability with digital displays


Whole Foods Market launched its first national advertising campaign last week that will focus on quality and value. The 35-year-old specialty grocer is emphasizing its importance on sustainability. They have also launched digital displays that entertain and educate their shoppers at the flagship store in Alpharetta, GA.

Why It’s Hot

Whole Foods’ tech-savvy spin on shopping is the latest effort by a grocer to differentiate itself in an increasingly competitive market. The most eye-catching activation is in the store’s café. A digital screen on a wall runs an Instagram feed showing produce still growing in the fields of six local farms that supply the store. Also in the store, a digital mirror encourages shoppers to strike three different poses, which trigger images of recommended health products like vitamins and protein shakes. Finally, touchscreens are built into display crates in the specialty section where beer, cheese and wine are sold.

This new “Values matter” advertising campaign is aimed at all its customers that are health-conscious and want to know more about where their food is sourced from – something the company says it has done for decades, just not in advertising. With plans to expand to 1,200 stores, Whole Foods wanted to introduce its brand more broadly to consumers.
The retailer posted 21 of the commercials on their YouTube channel, ranging from a new anthem commercial to others focusing on produce, meat, the global bee population decline and the retailer’s local producer loan program.

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