I Can’t Read that Email on my Phone! (But I want to)

I know there is debate on how effective email marketing is and can be. Personally, I have always advocated emails and feel if done right- email marketing can play a very big role in customer loyalty and retention.

And- it looks like people agree with that- as consumers seem to be paying attention to marketing emails they receive. Another recent study from Yes Marketing suggested a considerable percentage of consumers prefer email communication from retailers over other forms of interaction, including social media.

The problem?  In a recent survey- people are saying those emails are not well-designed for their mobile devices, according to the results.

The top two issues shoppers wish could be improved were how marketing emails fit on a smartphone screen and the readability of such emails. The reality is that design, language, timing, tone and many other factors are all important when retailers and brands are looking to make the right impression by email.

Why It’s Hot:

As mentioned above- email could be a very cost effective and valuable cog in the marketing mix. It can help with retention, loyalty and brand awareness. However, if the emails aren’t designed right- especially to accommodate consumers viewing on their mobile phone- they will fail and could in fact have an adverse effect.  Designers should look to take advantage of this insight and look to retool emails to be “mobile friendly”.