How Important is Storytelling?

Earlier this week, AdAge honored the world’s best brand storytelling at the fifth annual Viral Video Awards in New York City. Together these videos drew hundreds of millions of views, and millions of shares. You can view the honorees here.


So just how important is storytelling in advertising? re able to get a prospect to pay attention. Storytelling enables us to capture that attention, whether it’s via traditional media, or digital and social advertising. s infinitely more moving than seeing how laundry detergent removes a coffee stain from a white dress shirt or a crash test dummy saved by an airbag. Stories wield power. They move our emotions, influence our behavior, shape our values, and affect our actions. Four suggestions for planning your story are to:

1) Establish your goal.
2) Understand your audience.
3) Know how you want your audience to feel.
4) Uncover what will elicit the feelings.

Check out more tips for moving from “marketing” to “storytelling”.


Why it’s hot

In today’s chaotic and distracting world, one in which we’re inundated all day everyday with advertising messages, a brand either gets remembered or forgotten. As we partner with our clients, from overall strategy down to tactical copy for social platforms, we need to remember how crucial the emotional connection is to our (and our client’s) success.

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