Half Dome – Facebook’s prototype VR headset that’s tackling VR’s biggest visual issues

Facebook just released the new Occulus Go, but already has a prototype for a new VR headset that focuses on advancing the hardware to increase the visual quality.

A wider field of view, built-in eye tracking, and moving screens inside the device all work together to create a greater sense of depth in virtual 3D objects, both far and near. This helps users read things and avoid tunnel vision in VR.

Personal images that users take are transformed into “point cloud record structures.” This allows the device to create new 3D panorama images with detailed geometry that users can explore in VR.

Check out the video: https://www.cnet.com/news/facebooks-vr-technology-half-dome-may-be-heading-somewhere-scary-good/

Why it’s Hot:

  • Innovative new ways to have hardware fix common visual VR issues and¬†create 3D spaces from 2D images