Google’s New Pixel Earphones Translate 40 Languages

On Wednesday, Google unveiled the Pixel Buds, a $159 pair of wireless earbuds designed to work with its new Pixel 2 smartphones.

pixel buds

The coolest part of the Pixel Buds is the ability to use them as a universal translator. It’s like something out of “Star Trek” — at its November launch, you’ll be able to use the Pixel Buds to have a conversation across 40 languages. It’s actually a feature of the existing Google Translate app. To get started, just load it up on your Pixel 2 phone. From there, choose the language you understand, and the language you need to translate. An introductory message pops up on the screen once you begin: It basically explains to the other person that you’re using an app, and how it works.

google translate pixel buds pixel 2

Why its hot:

  • The Pixel Buds use Google Translate which is an already popular and trusted translation platform, and add another level of accessibility.
  • There are headphones with similar technology that already exist, however, they operate on a much smaller scale. The Pixel Buds offer a wide range of languages so it can be used across the world.