Girl Squad

Nike Women is calling for women in Mexico to log their physical activity to be in with a chance of earning a year’s worth of Nike sponsorship.

The initiative, called Juntas Imparables (Unstoppable Together), the women must sign up as a team of four and track their exercise through the Nike Training Club or Nike Running Club apps. The individuals on the team can do different sports or exercise, but they all have to log their minutes through a Nike app to measure the group’s overall efforts.

Nike will also support the women via WhatsApp. After signing up for the challenge, each team will be added to a WhatsApp chat group, which will directly connect them to a Nike representative who will guide and coach them throughout.

Nike has also promised that every minute of exercise recorded for Juntas Imparables will be put back into public schools and community organisations as a part of its Made to Play program (created to help Mexican children live happier, healthier lives).

Why it’s hot

The film addresses many pain points that Latina women have. From the fact that Latinas tend to receive little encouragement for undertaking physical activity (and it comes down to cultural and social influences) to the catcalling on the streets.

Also, this is the first time that Nike addresses this issue and with this campaign all Nike needs is for one fan to recruit her three friends rather than converting all four customers.