Getting Travelers In & Out of the Airport as Quickly as Possible

Hertz announced that it will team up with biometric kiosk maker Clear to cut down on the painstaking amount of time it takes to pick up a rental car. Hertz and Clear are calling the test program “Fast Lane” and launching at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

With the addition of Clear, members will be able to drive cars right off the lot by showing their faces to one of the facial-recognition kiosks upon exit. Hertz claims that the process will take about 30 seconds to complete, an estimate 75% faster than it takes now. The Clear cameras are said the be able to take measurements and identify minute differences in facial features.

Clear is most known for getting members through airport security more quickly but the company is beginning to broaden their horizons to other forms of travel. They are currently teaming with Seattle sports stadiums to utilize state-of-the-art biometric payment method for concessions. If “Fast Lane” takes off, Hertz and Clear plan to expand to over 40 additional locations, including LAX, JFK, and SFO by next year.

Why it’s hot: This is the first time Clear will be identifying members based on facial recognition rather than their iris or fingerprints and could influence an entire new way to pay, check in, and validate your identity in various settings.