Four Trends in Consumer Tech

Four Trends in Consumer Tech

Everything will become a super app
Companies will work together to offer customers more unique products and services, discovering new revenue streams in the process.

Everything will become commerce
In the near future, we will be all shopping from our entertainment apps, including video, social media apps, and messaging.

Increasingly, tech will go physical
Our digital identities will be linked with our physical ones.

Earshare is the new mindshare
Companies will take advantage of the massive explosion in audio consumption and podcasts.


Really good post from Andreessen Horowitz with a video that is well presented.

A lot of the thinking comes from trends in China/Asia (doesn’t everything) where mobile was the first device that really connected people to the internet on a broad level.


The topic of Super Apps was interesting me as the article said be download net ZERO apps per month and they spend most of their time in the same few apps, so the apps with share of attention could extend into other categories to make them “Super”.

The other topic that I found interesting was the Earshare is the new mindshare. People can consume podcasts really doing anything and the intent of the topic can correlate well to what your interests are for customer acquisition. Truly wireless headphones has spurred the consumption and content generation is relatively cheap on any topic.