For Mother’s Day, Samsung didn’t create an ad. They just showed reality.

The new Samsung’s funny Mother’s Day ad reminds young consumers how bad their moms are at, well pretty much anything technology related… including texting.

As Mother’s Day has become a repetitive cryfest in which advertisers keep tapping into the same sentimental formula, this Samsung ad, “#TextsFromMom,” is a breath of fresh air.

The spot looks at how your mom probably uses text messaging—or rather, misuses it. The whole thing is pretty funny, and nicely pokes fun without getting too mean. And it sticks the landing by reminding you that you shouldn’t be texting with Mom at all this Sunday.

You’ll also notice that some of the moms’ phone numbers are visible in the spot. If you dial them, you get to hear what they have to say in their voicemail messages.

You can also show off your mom’s funniest texts using hashtag #TextsFromMom for a chance to win a Galaxy S 6 edge.


Why this is hot

How many Santa Clauses ads did you see last December? How many of them did you care about?

And how many “Moms being hugged by their lovely families” are we going to see this Mother’s Day season? More than we need, which is why this Samsung ad is hot!