First Digital Measuring Tape to Make Online Shopping Less Risky


Buying clothes comes with expected hesitation. Everyone knows a small for one brand might be a medium for another. To appease customer anxiety, many e-commerce portals offer easy, no-questions-asked returns. However, shopping online still requires plenty of crossed fingers, and frequent returns can mean losses for entrepreneurs.

A start-up from Italy has invented a connected measuring tape. The device is called On and was developed by start-up XYZE with one goal in mind: to create a works-with-every-brand size code called the “XYZE ID”.

On houses a circular tape that measures seven circumferences from the user. Each measurement step is guided by the custom XYZE app. The tape measure which extends as a single loop allows a person to measure himself-herself without bending around which can ruin the numbers.

The On device relays the measurements to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4. The accompanying app will record the numbers and pair it with a username. The idea is that the next time the user shops online, he or she only needs to enter the username to select the perfect sizes.

The app by XYZE currently works on iOS but an Android version is also in the works. The app is yet to become available and is meant to be powerful tools for sizing. Special tailoring algorithms will process individual measurements. A database of brand sizing charts will be used to generate what size the user is for each brand. Instead of just matching numbers, XYZE will use measurement ratios to find the perfect fit.

The On is available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

Why It’s Hot

We see a lot of innovation starting in the retail space — and this is one to which I say “it’s about time.” It’s a much needed solution that could take clothing shopping online to another (comfort) level I could personally get on board with.

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