Finger Lickin’ Goodbye to Actual Talking Over Lunch

KFC might be Finger Lickin’ Good but those fingers after grabbing a drumstick and some fries are good for no screen.

Good thing KFC has come up with a solution for protecting smartphone screens from the secret ingredients in the famous fried chicken. The KFC Type Tray allows you to eat all the fried chicken your heart desires while answering emails, notifications, and updating your social media about how cool the new gadget is.

This slick reusable and rechargeable keyboard was launched in Germany and connects to a phone via Bluetooth. Although fully branded with KFC on every crevice, these keyboards were so popular that each one handed out during the promotion was swiped home.

Why it’s hot (or not?)

Although inarguably very cool, do we really need another reason to not talk to each other over lunch and only look at our screens? It’s a great idea in concept to be given one of these with an order of fried chicken, bringing a new level of tech into the fast paced world of fast food, but it also brings up some potential questions. Like, how do you switch mobile apps without touching the phone? Why can’t you just not look at your phone for half an hour? Did napkins disappear as new technology appears – can’t you just wipe your hands and then touch your phone? Things to consider.

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