Facebook’s new 360-degree view ads within personal newsfeed

In a presentation at Cannes Lions this week, Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox showed ad buyers mock-ups of a new mobile format that takes over a screen after a user clicks on it from the news feed. Once a promo is expanded, it turns into a browsable mini-website.



Why it’s hot?

Facebook currently hasĀ about 1.5 billion usersĀ per month just within US which presents a very good opportunity to capture and engage a very wide and diverse audience for all varieties of products. This would require advertisers to create content specifically for Facebook, which sure would increase the overall advertising costs initially but in hind-sight, it will be a great opportunity up for grabs. With HTML5 being mandated by Google starting in September and Facebook introducing these new immersive mobile ads, it seems like the advertising industry is going to go through a huge wave of change that may require a lot of reconstruction and acclimation but the sooner we habituate ourselves, the better it will be.