Facebook Messenger for Brands

During the F8 conference, Facebook announced that its Messenger app would be getting a few new updates. One of these updates is that Facebook is opening up Messenger to brands. With the rise of social media, customers turn to the available platforms to communicate with brands. It’s no secret that social networks have become a key player for customer services teams to participate in everyday conversations with customers and prospect buyers. Messenger for Business seems to be the next evolution of that.

According to David Marcus, Facebook’s head of messaging products, Businesses on Messenger was designed to enhance communications and interactions between people and businesses. For instance, upon completing a product purchase, users will get to opt-in to receive updates from the brand through Messenger. Such updates could include order confirmations and shipping status updates. Moreover, Marcus said that users will be able to perform basic actions like modifying, tracking or returning an order


Why Its Hot:

This has major implications for how we engage on a 1:1 level with our audiences on Facebook. Moving a lot of these customer services centered conversation off the timeline, allows the focus to really be about the content we’re producing and the conversation we’re trying to stimulate that really drives value. This allows us to focus on that in public places and direct these more personalized interactions into a more private setting where we can provide customers with quality, customer assistance.

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