Facebook Legacy

Ever wonder what will happen to your Facebook when you pass away? Well, worry no more, Facebook has launched a “legacy” feature that gives you the opportunity to choose an heir to your account.¬†ht_facebook_memorial_timeline_jc_150212_16x9_992

On February 12th, 2015, users will now be able to see an option in their security settings that will allow them to have their account deleted when they die. People looking to achieve digital immortality can designate an heir who will inherit their account.

It’s up to the user whether or not they want to let their digital heir know now about their decision.

Once Facebook is notified someone has died, the profile page will turn into a memorial with “Remembering” listed before the person’s name. The digital heir will be able to change the profile photo, make posts on the page and respond to friend requests.

The one thing off-limits: Private messages. Facebook said a person’s heir will not be able to log in under their identity or see any of their private discussions.

The social network already offers basic memorial pages that are not able to be managed by an heir.

Facebook Legacy is available in the United States and will eventually be rolled out to other countries.

Here you can see someone wanting to be able to access their girlfriend’s Facebook page after she passed away:

fb quest pic

Now, you won’t have to worry about this happening.

Why It’s Hot: This feature allows users to grieve and¬†interact with loved ones via social even after their passing. This will keep Facebook pages active and increase the number of active users.

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