Experiential marketing… you’ve probably never heard of it.

Brands are stepping up their marketing efforts and turning advertisements into experiences.

“Two or three years ago, clients saw it as an incremental spend. Now they’re moving dollars previously slated for media or broadcast into experiential.”
-Denise Wong, president of George P. Johnson Experiential Marketing
Experiential marketing is like party planning for brands. People aren’t tweeting or sharing pictures on social about billboards, they’re sharing experiences. Having consumers share their experience about your brand is free marketing (minus the event costs obvi).
Here are some super cool examples of what some brands have done.

At Comic-Con in San Diego, the Blade Runner 2049 Experience presented by Johnnie Walker had fans chasing VR replicants.

55,000 people livestreamed the Dodge Demon’s fiery debut at the New York Auto Show


Salesforce built a tech village for its Dreamforce 2016 mega-event in San Francisco

Agencies Everywhere See Experiential Marketing as the Next Big Thing, and Brands Want In

Why its hot?

  • This is like UX on steroids .. i think.
  • How will this change a creatives role in an agency? Will there be experiential designers now?
  • Making an event that resonates with your audience need could be the best party of all time, and who doesn’t want a VIP ticket to a super cool event?