Engie for Your Engine Troubles

For those of us who are not mechanically-minded, a sudden light on the dashboard can be a scary sight. What does it mean, and what do I do about it? How will I know if I’m getting ripped off at the repair shop?


An Israeli start-up called Engie is here to solve that problem. The company has created a device that attaches to an automobile’s on-board computer and uses Bluetooth to send information to a companion mobile app. The app analyzes the data and simplifies it for the user with graphics. And before they visit a shop to have the car fixed, Engie can compare prices from local garages to show where the user will get the best rate.

Via Globes.

Why It’s Hot: While Engie is an Israeli start-up and currently only available in Tel Aviv, Israel, the idea has great implications.  It sets itself apart from the typical time-saving app by combining two highly-sought after services: explaining the complex and helping users save money. Engie is every driver’s one-stop-shop.

Auto repair rip-offs are something a lot of people can likely relate to. On the larger scale, who knows what humankind will develop next? Maybe we’ll be self-diagnosing and performing self blood tests via mobile in a few years – or maybe some things are better left to the experts.

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