Electric Paint

Bare Conductive has created a viscous carbon-based black paint that conducts electricity. Forget sockets, cables or wiring, this paint can act as a light switch painted directly onto your wall. The paint acts as a form of liquid wiring which can be applied to all types of surfaces including paper, plastic, metal and fabric.

Although conductive paint has been used in other applications for years, Bare Conductive is bringing new ways to use the medium.

“We started this project in earnest in 2009,” says Matt Johnson. “We were originally interested in trying to apply electronics to the skin … so we arrived at this idea of applying them as a coating and eventually we got this idea of a conductive paint.” Today, Bare Paint users use it to create everything from interactive color wheels to homemade electric toys.

Why it’s hot: 

  1. Conductive paint opens up an enormous range of creative opportunities. As conductive paint becomes increasingly common, we can look forward to a future where billboards talk back, walls are interactive, and greeting cards come to life in our very hands.
  2. “Devices no longer have to look high tech to be high tech,” Johnson says. “Our goal is to put interactivity onto objects you don’t expect.”