Driving Fan Acquisition & Boosting Engagement on Instagram Through UGC

This week, I wanted to share a Whitepaper from one of our partners, EngageSciences, titled “6 Ways to Use Instagram for Brand Marketing.”

The whitepaper has many interesting facts around related to e-commerce and native advertising. For example, only 55% of prestige brands link from their websites to their Instagram profile, and even fewer (14%) feature Instagram photos on their own websites. When websites feature compelling content from Instagram, there is a 300% increase in “dwell time” on pages and an 11% increase in web traffic with sites that feature social content and interactive applications.

The most interesting metrics are related to UGC below.



Why It’s Hot

There is no denying the power of UGC for brands.The whitepaper concludes that authentic, yet persuasive Instagram photos within e-commerce experiences are key along with shoppable links and “buy now” CTAs will help brands to monetize UGC to not only increase engagement but impact sales as well.

With that said, some brands are understandably apprehensive of leveraging this content on websites or branded social channels. EngageSciences points out that there are steps that should be taken to ensure the brand is appropriately protected, including requesting rights and tracking all rights requests along with an audited history of approvals.