Dove Will Counter Mean Tweets During The Oscar’s

A recent Twitter study revealed that four out of every five posts about beauty and body image are negative. In light of this information, Dove has partnered with Twitter to counter negative self-esteem tweets with a positive message during the Oscar’s on Sunday.

The brand will use a tool to identify key words associated with body image and appearance and then self-esteem experts will craft the response tweets. In addition, they will be airing a TV spot during the Oscar’s preshow.

Although the brand is strategically launching this initiative during the award show, Dove plans to continue its positive tweeting efforts throughout the year as part of its #SpeakBeautiful campaign.

Why It’s Hot

This seems like such a natural move for Dove, a brand that continuously focuses on boosting self-esteem. In addition to being on brand, the strategic choice to launch the initiative on a night where women across the nation are comparing themselves to celebrities makes Dove’s efforts even more relevant. Lastly, choosing Twitter as a partner in this initiative was no coincidence. In addition to Twitter being a powerful social tool, the platform also sees an incredible amount of harassment between users. In fact the social network has been under scrutiny for their harassment policy and could be using this as a method to combat some of the negativity they frequently see.

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