Dish-Disney Shake Up The Cable TV Status Quo

Score equal victories for the mouse and the kangaroo.  In a move with profound implications for how we watch our favorite shows and other content, Dish Network and Disney announced this week an agreement allowing Dish to stream Disney content over the Internet, without a video subscription, similar to Netflix. The deal includes ESPN, ABC Family and Disney Channel.  Importantly, Dish agreed to disable its DVR auto-hop feature for the first three days of showing new content.  This means that Dish’s viewers will see ads provided by Disney, which will protect the network’s advertiser revenue.

Why It’s Hot

The cable TV viewing experience is migrating toward Internet TV, where bundled subscriptions don’t exist, individual networks provide their own streaming content over the web, and content is available on all your mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets. Netflix and agreements such as Dish/Disney are forcing traditional content providers, such as Cablevision, to rethink their basic strategies as the shift toward Internet -provided content promises to transform an entire industry.

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