Denali makes Patagonia look good


This video is a touching story between man his best friend, his dog.  It is beautifully put together by Ben Moon, an adventurous writer and producer, and his dog Denali.  It was made possible by Patagonia and it chronicles the life that Ben and Denali shared together.  The story is narrated through the Dog’s eyes and is extremely touching to those who own a dog, or have a relationship with their dog like Ben does.

Why it’s hot?

I believe that this video, which I found because it dominated my Facebook and Twitter feed, is the perfect example of how a brand can connect with its consumer without the consumer even knowing.  I was shown this video from my girlfriend who said she watched it at work and had to step out of the office because she couldn’t stop crying…..THAT is how to connect with a consumer!  I remember when she showed me the video (while crying) she made a comment that stuck with me “that was really cool of Patagonia”. That type of statement made me think of how important a message can be and how it can be conveyed.

Patagonia stepped out of the way while this film was telling a great story and waited till the end to let the viewer know that they helped make it possible.  I’m not a very outdoorsy type person, but I know when I walk by a Patagonia store or see a jacket that says Patagonia I can’t help but think about Denali.  That type of connection is so valuable when it comes to brand identity and creating context amongst all the content.  When a person can experience something, because of a brand, it creates a stronger connection.