Decoding Human Emotions With Machine Learning

Day 3 of Social Media Week NYC brought some great thinkers and doers together to discuss the impact of social listening and intelligence, as well as the broader idea of quantifying and contextualizing human emotion that’s expressed in text, pictures and emoji’s (to name a few) on the internet.

Microsoft’s Emotioin API

Why It’s Hot

In our continuously evolving digital world, I think there are two assumptions we can make about the future: technology will continue to get better and people will continue to use and shape it. As digital marketers, the more tools and approaches we have towards understanding human behaviors in using this technology – and more importantly the emotions or motivations behind those behaviors – the better suited we will be in creating experiences that add value to both their lives and our brand’s bottom line. These new resources (while still new and working out the kinks) are a great indication of what’s to come to help us do so.