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The Germans Have Figured Out How to 3-D Print Cars

If German engineers have their way 3-D printing is going to reshape how cars are made. EDAG, a German engineering company, has created the “Genesis,” a vehicle frame made from a range of materials and inspired by a turtle’s skeleton. It was developed entirely through the 3-D printing process. EDAG’s robot printer built the Genesis using a thermoplastic model but says they could use carbon fiber to make the structure stronger and lighter.

EDAG showed off the Genesis design concept at the Geneva Motor Show to demonstrate that 3-D printing can make full-size car components.

Why It’s Hot

EDAG’s design is unique because it shows that 3-D printing can produce a structure at a massively large scale. Rather than printing out tiny parts and them assembling them together to create the whole, Genesis shows that future cars could be produced through fewer steps and pieces by printing and assembling large, exceptionally strong unibody parts.

Genesis isĀ “the opening salvo in an arms race for creating large objects with a single process.”


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