Cultural Understanding Through Typography

Its easy to take for granted the relative ease not to mention the broad selection of character sets English writers have access to. But what happens when your languages typed characters are very close to a neighboring country with a completely different language? You get the The Balkan sprachbund or Balkan language area. This area that contains Serbia and Croatia share similar languages but different writing systems. To ease confusion between these languages.  Designers Nikola Djurek and Marija Juza used design to solve the problem. Enter Balkan Sans. This new font combine Cyrillic and Latin scripts into a single font set. This allows these neighboring countries to share content in a simplified manner. The designers state that the font system

 “… demystifies, depoliticizes, and reconciles them for the sake of education, tolerance, and, above all, communication”.

So whats this all mean? Say you were written an email in  Serbian  but you’re unable to  read Cyrillic? Just change the font to the Balkan Sans!

Why Its Hot

Just imagine the possibilities – education, entertainment…pen pals! This is just another example of how thoughtful design can have an immense impact on peoples lives.