Counting Calories?

Panasonic recently showed off a prototype for its tabletop calorie counter called CaloRieco.

How it works?

The user pops a plate of food into the device that resembles a microwave. They press a button on the lid and wait 10 seconds. Then the user gets an overall calorie read for their meal, even giving a breakdown of the meal such as carbs, fat, etc.

The machine is intended to connect via Wi-Fi to the cloud, where the user can get their nutrition profile on an app.

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Why It’s Hot: Current nutrition apps aren’t very reliable at getting an accurate read for your meal based on the portion size and amount of ingredients used. This device can help people keep track of their calories at home in a breeze. I personally feel like their was a demand for this product and its going to help people understand food nutrition much better in the comfort of their homes. Hopefully one day, the next product will be an app that can somehow scan the meal and project calories on the go, but who knows. Food for thought!